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Welcome to another edition of Watch Out. I have the pleasure of welcoming Angelica Dawson to Watch Out for a guest blog post. What is the topic of this post. Vampire..Yes my fave topic..You know how much I love me some vampires…So now let me give the floor over to Angelica. 

The Vampires Of Blue Moon House

Every vampire story has a slightly different take on vampires. There are certain things they all have in common, namely they drink blood. Most are inhumanly strong and fast. Most are immortal. After that, however, you have vampires who avoid the light due to severe sunburn all the way to spontaneous combustion. Some sleep during the day, some don’t sleep at all. Some can feed on animals, some can’t.  Some are killed by fire or wooden stakes or holy water. Others only find those to be minor inconveniences.

Rather than characterize every vampire out there, I thought I’d share some of the quirks I gave my vampires.


Yes, they drink blood. They can, however, eat and drink regular food as well, it simply isn’t as nutritious as blood. They can drain their prey, but over time have found that inevitably leads to their destruction. The vampires of the House drink regularly from their prey, never draining more than the average blood donation.


They are sensitive to sunlight but do not spontaneously combust. The ones that work outside the house tend to office buildings or labs, remaining indoors as much as possible. They can endure some sunlight, but avoid it.


They don’t need sleep but benefit from a brief rest each day. They may or may not actually sleep during this time. It is most often taken in the early morning, after all the humans are asleep and they’ve finished enjoying each other for a while.


To become a vampire, one must drink a vampire’s to the point of death. The transformation queues from the sun, taking over 12 hours. So, at sunset the day after drinking a vampire, a new vampire’s body will be triggered to rise where it had been a dead human before. The blood changes, becoming milky pink rather than red, but begins pumping again.


My vampires have an aphrodisiac in their saliva. Their bites and kisses heighten sexual awareness in their prey, making feeding that much more enjoyable for both parties. Their nature is noticeable in their eyes, which take on an ethereal jewel quality, Sapphires, Emeralds, Amber, Obsidian have all been used to describe this.


Too much information? Not enough? Would you rather see them Dominating their human submissives and prey? Yeah, me too. Here’s an excerpt:

“Ow!” Julia cried. “Deep,” she warned. Jocelyn didn’t give any sign she’d heard, but she didn’t bite deeper. Julia tried to hold still as her mistress drank, but the pain was searing and the aphrodisiac wasn’t enough to counter it. Tears formed in Julia’s eyes and started to roll. She wept harder as Jocelyn repeated her treatment on the other breast. “Ow! It hurts,” Julia told her, but of course, it was supposed to hurt. At least this time, Jocelyn stimulated Julia in return, letting the pleasure rise when the pain ebbed a little. Julia’s breath came in gasps, first sobs and now sighs. Her legs started to shake, and Jocelyn pulled her hand and teeth away.

“Not too deep, I hope.” The vampire’s cool fingers teased the tips of both nipples and Julia shook at the sensation. Jocelyn smiled, pleased again. “No, not too deep. You can still feel just fine.” She pinched and rolled each nipple, making Julia sway again.

“Kiss me,” Jocelyn murmured. “Let me taste myself on your lips.” The reminder jarred Julia’s stomach, but she complied, turning her face to Jocelyn’s and closing her lips with the vampire’s. The first kiss was gentle, then Julia opened her lips and Jocelyn’s together, her tongue rubbing the tip of Jocelyn’s top lip, giving her the taste she thought her mistress sought.

“Mmmm,” Jocelyn purred, her tongue touching Julia’s. The zing of that mysterious chemical in their saliva made Julia eager for more. She reached her hand into Jocelyn’s hair and held the back of her head.

Jocelyn gripped Julia’s wrist hard. Julia didn’t stop kissing her mistress, and without an order, silent or verbal, she wouldn’t. Jocelyn’s tongue continued to play with Julia’s, but the Dominant restricted the touching. Julia focused more on the kiss, on putting her heat into it, on conveying everything she wanted, how wonderful she felt.

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Comments (14)

Shelley MunroSeptember 7th, 2012 at 12:21 am

I always find it fascinating to hear how writers design their vampires. It sounds as if your vamps have a rockin’ good time 😉


Angelica Dawson Reply:

That they do, Shelley! Their leader and eldest escaped when the rest of her vampire family was hunted. She’s the one that figured out she could play instead of killing. Smart girl.


eden bayleeSeptember 7th, 2012 at 8:14 am

Great quirks for your vampires, Angelica. So cool to see you making the rounds with the fab Savannah Chase,



Angelica Dawson Reply:

Thanks Eden! And than you Savannah for the guest spot. Incidentally, comment readers, there’s an interview with Eden on my blog if you click my link. 😉


Savannah ChaseSeptember 7th, 2012 at 8:20 am

Angelica, thank you for being my guest today..I just adore vampires so you know you have my attention.


Angelica Dawson Reply:

Yay! Now that I have it, I’ll share some news. I’m working on the prequels to Blue Moon House, so there will be more vampires to come.


Benjamin RussellSeptember 7th, 2012 at 8:45 am

Wow, I love some of the “quirks” that Angelica has given her vampires. Actually, her vamps are scarier than most because they’re walking around in the damn sunlight.

For those of us like me who believe in the possibility of vamps, I’m not crazy about those blood suckers “not” turning to crispy critters when sunlight hits them. Arrrrrgh, the thought gives me the shivers.

Now, how do I get to meet this vamp Jocelyn in the excerpt of Blue Moon House? I’d like to give her something to suck on. Muwah!!@


Angelica Dawson Reply:

I completely agree! They aren’t quite ‘walking around.’ They don’t go for leisurely strolls or anything, but yes, they could be sitting right next to you at the office. Good news, these ones don’t kill you.

You want to give her something to suck on? Jocelyn isn’t a fan of blowjobs, but Julia breaks out a new trick that the other vamps are keen to copy. 😉


Delilah HuntSeptember 7th, 2012 at 12:16 pm

Sounds hot. I love your take on the vampires, they don’t adhere to the old rules. Good luck!


ceciliaSeptember 7th, 2012 at 4:35 pm

Great post and excerpt, and what a yum yum cover :). It’s great to meet you Angelica. oooh I Love your vamps. 🙂


S. J. MayleeSeptember 7th, 2012 at 6:21 pm

I’m glad they can eat, that was very nice of you, lol. Love the jewel eyes, fascinating. Hot excerpt. Thanks, Savannah and Angelica!!


Rosanna LeoSeptember 7th, 2012 at 7:21 pm

Great stuff, Angelica! Good to see you here- can’t wait to host you as well!


Janice SeagravesSeptember 9th, 2012 at 2:59 am

Love how you changed the vampire genre just a bit to fit your story.

Good luck with your release.



Ciara KnightSeptember 9th, 2012 at 8:48 pm

Aphrodisiac in their saliva. Nice touch.


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