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Today on Watch Out I have the pleasure to bring you a truly talented author who I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for many years. Her work is hot hot and let me say is HOT. You don’t want to miss today’s guest. So now let me welcome BL Bonita to the floor.

BL Bonita: The Good, The Bad and The Undressed 

Before I start I would like to thank my dear friend Savannah for having me here today. You rock!

And now I shall entertain you (hopefully) with the first post of my very first mini book tour!


Long before I fell in love with romance novels and the daring heroes that swept their lady love off their feet, I had Clint Eastwood in western movies. So it should come as no surprise that I love historical western romances.

Now, I don’t know about you but “the man with no name” aka Clint, who played his infamous role in the Dollars Trilogy (and many others), with his sexy, lip-curling, less talk more action charm is my ultimate hero. I mean, come on, a man who can outdraw any other, doesn’t give a damn about much, but can make women swoon from a single blue-eyed glance is pretty damn sexy. To me, there is no other western actor on this earth who can put him to shame in my eyes. And he’s tall. I like tall men. I especially like men who don’t have a lot to say unless it needs saying.

Right now I’m focused on something different, something rarely seen in historical novels. I’m talking about interracial love, forbidden love, the kind of love that can get you killed in the old days.

When I wrote Dark Sun Rising I didn’t know what to expect, didn’t have a set plan, just a need to write the story of Avery. He’s a strong black man, full of pride and steel balls, who lost everything because of white man’s greed. He earned a Medal of Honor fighting for the Union Army and the Cheyenne he fought called him the Buffalo Soldier. When a spirited white woman saves him from a brutal whipping, he’s given no choice but to recover at her home, and from there a story of love that sees no color blossoms like a flower in a savage land. There is knife-wielding danger, gun slinging, bigotry, plenty of bad guys to hate, and of course, smokin’ hot love scenes!

In some ways my Avery is Clint; tall, quiet and deadly, but with beautiful dark skin and a smile as smooth as coconut cream pie. What woman can resist that?

So tell me, do you love westerns? Is there a particular movie, book, or character you’ll never forget? Comment below to enter the drawing for a download of Dark Sun Rising. Entry deadline is October 6 at midnight EST. Be sure to include your email with your comment. Good luck!


Mini Tour Destinations

Don’t be shy. Stop by and say hello. I’m giving away a download of Dark Sun Rising at each stop!

Oct. 2: Savannah Chase

Oct. 4: Romance Junkies

Oct. 7: Rachel Lyndhurst

Oct. 10: Love Romance Passion

Oct. 12: Night Owl Romance



Dark Sun Rising 

His sin is the color of his skin. Her love is his salvation…and the greatest danger. 

Life in a mountain town is hard for gently raised Charlotte Phillips, who has come to Hatchet Creek to help run her cousin’s emporium. When her cousin suddenly dies, she learns just how rough-and-tumble is the life of a business owner—especially when she steps in to stop the brutal whipping of a local colored man.

Avery Samms made the mistake of rejecting the advances of a married white woman, and he pays with the flesh on his back. With no doctor in town, he’s sure a slow agonizing death is his fate. Until a beautiful angel shocks everyone—especially Avery—by taking him home. Her heart may be in the right place, but now her business, even her very life, is in danger.

As Avery recovers, their connection grows stronger every day. There’s passion in her eyes, and purity in her heart that heals soul-deep wounds no one can see. One moment of irresistible desire bonds them in forbidden love.

Even as they plan to escape to a far-off haven, jealousy and revenge threaten to rip their world apart. Under a savage western sun, they must fight for their love…and their very lives.

Dark Sun Rising earned a starred review at Publishers Weekly! “Readers who thrive on stories of empowered women and sexy, brooding men will savor this historical tale of interracial love.” Read full review here: 

Don’t want to wait for the contest? Buy Dark Sun Rising at a discount here: 


About the Author 

BL Bonita lives in Eastern Ontario with her retired USMC Captain. However, she grew up in the lush wilderness of Northern Ontario at a family-owned hunting/fishing resort. Nature has always inspired her to write and her imagination is as wild as her memories of the bush. Some call her funny, some call her a little crazy, and to her family, she’s the black sheep of the bunch. BL writes multiple categories of erotic romance, always with a touch of humor and wild adventure—a reflection of her own life. And of course, strong coffee is a necessity while the writing bug has her in its fiery grip.

To learn more about BL and her books, please visit

You can also stay in touch via Facebook:


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Comments (21)

BL BonitaOctober 2nd, 2012 at 11:21 am

Thanks again for having me, Savannah! 🙂 Hugs.


Erika S.October 2nd, 2012 at 11:30 am

Ive read one of your books, and can easily and confidently say… wow! The book I read was one of your first ones, it was a paperback that I had under my bed (I was younger, you gave a copy to my mom, hehe) and it was great! And they just keep getting better 😉 love ya! xoxo


BL Bonita Reply:

Awww…thanks Erika! Yep, that would’ve been my very first book, and you were probably too young at the time to read it. LOL But I’m so happy you enjoyed it and yes, my writing has definitely improved over the years. 😉 Love ya back! xxoo


Melissa BowersOctober 2nd, 2012 at 11:54 am

I LOVE westerns and I grew up watching them with my grandfather. Although I am a big fan of Clint, (having a large poster print of him in my living room) the character I love the most is Val Kilmer’s Doc Holiday in the movie Tombstone. Not only is he a good looking man, he’s cocky, he’s confident, he’s bad and he’s deadly with or without his guns 😉

BL Bonita’s writing is amazing! Hope I win 🙂


BL Bonita Reply:

YES! I love Val as Doc Holiday too! That sexy drawl and confident air made his role very memorable. And you’re damn right he’s sexy. 😉 Thank you for dropping by Meli!


TreyOctober 2nd, 2012 at 12:16 pm

I have the pleasure of watching you grow daily and there are no words to express how proud of you i am. I’ll fight Clint for you anytime..


BL Bonita Reply:

And then you’d carry me away to the nearest barn and take advantage of my female sensibilities. 😉


Trey Reply:



Rosanna LeoOctober 2nd, 2012 at 1:42 pm

I love any western that stars Russell Crowe…yummy! Congrats on your success, and best wishes!


BL Bonita Reply:

Thank you, Rosanna! Crowe is definitely yummy! 😉


Savannah ChaseOctober 2nd, 2012 at 1:51 pm

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing you for many years now, since we both began this crazy journey and am proud to know you. You truly are a wonderful and very talented author who will do amazing in the future.


BL Bonita Reply:

🙂 You’re making me blush now. LOL It sure is a pleasure to be on your blog today, and I feel truly lucky to be able to call you a friend. Hopefully this is only the first of many more visits here. Maybe we should do a ruckus interview sometime. 😉


Ann QOctober 2nd, 2012 at 8:12 pm

Charlton Heston for me. When it comes to cowboys or gun slingers , he was it. Interracial relationships in the wild west certainly caused a stir.


BL Bonita Reply:

Thank you for dropping by and commenting, Ann! I sure hope I can cause a stir among the romance community with my forbidden love in the wild west. 😉


Hildie McQueenOctober 3rd, 2012 at 9:29 pm

This sounds like a totally different, but amazing read. It’s going to rock it girl! Good job!


BL Bonita Reply:

Thank you, Hildie! This is the first of hopefully many unique historicals with interracial couples. I’m actually working on the companion novel to Dark Sun Rising right now. 🙂 Thank you for stopping by!


bn100October 4th, 2012 at 11:02 pm

I like Westerns. I like Clint Eastwood’s Western movies.



BL BonitaOctober 4th, 2012 at 11:13 pm

Great choice, bn100. 😉 Good luck with the contest!


susan LeechOctober 6th, 2012 at 5:30 pm

Please don’t include my name in the contest as I do not have an ereader but I had to send my 2 cents in. I love westerns and Clint will always be that handsome guy in the movies. I think your new books will be welcome very much as it fits the time. I would love to read one but I only read print books as I can not afford a reader with my social security check. Hope you know you have my support. I will gladly place promo items in my library I run if you send me some. Email me for my address if you want me to help support your books.


BL BonitaOctober 6th, 2012 at 6:11 pm

Hi Susan. Thank you for your support! At the moment I only give away eBooks, but I will be promoting other materials very soon. I’ll be in touch as soon as I can. Take care and thank you for stopping by. 🙂


BL BonitaOctober 6th, 2012 at 11:09 pm

Thank you to everyone who dropped by and left a comment, I had a blast chatting with you all! And hugs to you Savannah for hosting me. 🙂

This contest is now closed, which means I now have the pleasure to announce the winner, randomly picked by my sexy man…and…Ann Q is the lucky one!

Happy reading everyone! Don’t forget that the book tour is still running. You can find the other stops in the list mentioned in the post. Until next time… 😉


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