Flash Fiction Series: When Midnight Calls Reflections continued


“But you need to, I can tell you are growing weak,” she told him.

She’d learned to read him quickly. His body was a temple she’d mastered. When he’d hungered, when he’d grew tired and weak. All she had to do was touch him.

“Yes, but they sense you, and I can feel their thirst growing with unease. You don’t want a hungry pack descending on you. You’re an open juice bar for them the moment I begin to feed from you. They prefer freshly squeezed instead of frozen or stale,” he said and placed a gentle kiss on her flesh.

Her eyes widened, not so much from the shock but the fact that he was right. She was nothing more than a fresh feed for them.

“Maybe I should leave? She asked, turning from his touch.

“No, you will stay. I’ve brought you here. You are my guest. They will be respectful of that.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, you will stay.”

“Thank you,” she said and stole a chaste kiss, letting the coolness of his lips bathe her.

“No need,” he replied and reached for her hand. Wrapping his fingers around her delicate fingers he began leading her down the long hall.

As she looked at the portraits she suddenly became overwhelmed by the urge to turn around and leave this place. She didn’t belong here. Not in this world. Especially not in Demetre’s life. Or even the Kala Clan’s Estate. They were the ones shed been hunting, destroying, and punishing. Yet they still let her step foot inside here without a word. Knowing all that she’d done to them and their kind.  Why?  Demetre. They respected him, no matter what.

Everything about this place was nothing that she’d ever imagined. Tonight she was getting a brand new introduction, given a fresh clean slate to start over and possibly right all the wrongs she’d made. But was that even possible to do?



To be continued….

Come back next week for the next flash of the ongoing series. If you want to read from the start head over to http://savannahchase.com/free-reads/ scroll down to where it says When Midnight Calls.

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Julia Rachel BarrettMarch 22nd, 2013 at 12:27 pm

Nice, Savannah!


Savannah Chase Reply:

Julia, thank you so very much… <3


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