The Countdown

Picture courtesy of Aaron Rhode Photography

The Countdown by Savannah Chase
Copyright 2011 Savannah Chase

Only sixty seconds left till the clock strikes midnight Tom saw as he glanced at his watch. The New Year was almost here, and it signaled a time for him to make some changes.
Tom tossed his apron under the counter next to the sink and made his way out from behind the bar. He grabbed his suit jacked just as he rounded the corner and started to make his way into the crowd. For the next few moments the drinks would have to wait.
“Ten seconds left,” he heard someone shout from the other side of the bar. “Ten” “Nine” “Eight,” the whole bar shouted.
He pushed his way through the crowd. His eyes set on her, the woman he’d pined for since the very day she’d started to work at the Halo Pub. Now it came time to stop wanting and do something about it.
Christina turned in his direction just as he reached her. The sparkle in her blue eyes tugged at every part of his heart. Those were the eyes he fell in love with.
Without a word he reached for her hand and wrapped his fingers around her. With the other he cupped her face.
“I can’t tell you how much I’ve wanted this. I’ve wanted you for so long,” he said as he leaned in and whispered it in her eyes.
With one last glance into her beautiful eyes he captures her lips. Their bodies collided. She welcomed his kiss, didn’t shy away. Her arms wrapped around him, pulled him closer with her hand on the back of his neck. She deepened their kiss. Her tongue explored his mouth just as he delve his own tongue into her sinful mouth. She tasted sweet, and so addictive. For a brief moment they were all alone. No bar full of patrons drinking, singing, cheering.
Every part of him wanted more of Christina. Her lips, her kiss and her body, and most important he wanted all of her heart. To show her just how badly he wanted her, and how much her very presence affected him.
“Happy New Year,” the whole crowed yelled.
He could hear the dinging of glasses beside him, cheers and celebration around him, but all he focused on is the woman in his arms. It was the beginning of another new year, but this time it held something special, the woman he’d wished for.

The End

This story is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, places, events or incidents is purely coincidental.

No part of this book may be reproduced in whole or part and or sold without the written permission of the author.

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