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Welcome readers to another special episode of Watch Out. Today I have the pleasure of welcoming Lila Munro to Watch Out. Welcome Lila, it is so wonderful to have you here…Everyone pull up a seat and enjoy..



Howdy Savannah’s peeps! ? So, here I am last stop…for this hop anyway. I’ve had a packed schedule this month. Not only did I have the eight stops for this hop, I’m on tour with Assumed Calling through Goddess Fish Promotions and fell into a few other blogs along the way. And it was with this hectic, harried feeling of oh golly I’m not quite done for the year yet that I sit here at my desk this morning trying to pull another entertaining and informative blog out of a hat. **peeking in hat—oh dear**
My BFF tells me all the time I should never worry about writing blogs because in her eyes I’m quite skilled at it and can be myself through a blog better than anyone else she knows. So, yes, in case you’re wondering, with me—what you see is what you get. I’m me through and through when I speak publicly—visibly or not. ? So, sit back and relax…I’ll make this as painless as possible (or maybe not for the pain lovers in the crowd) and by the end maybe you’ll know a bit more about me, I’ll know a bit more about you, and we’ll have some fun doing it. And don’t forget to enter to win some of our cool prizes! Yeah for those!
Harried, hectic, stressed, anxious…don’t we all feel this at times? Seems to ramp up to the highest heights though around the end of the year and the holidays when you realize there are still tons of things to be done and good golly the calendar company must have done fuc—ahem, messed up at the print shop. There couldn’t be only a few of those too tiny boxes left on that page with the header December running across the top. Could there?
While I know you probably expected something today along the lines of a stirring piece on BDSM—since that’s what I write and I know Savannah does too and she’s been known to attend some spicy functions or other *wink*…I thought I’d weave away for a few minutes and talk about how to manage that stress. Although, for my characters at least, that would entail being on the dangerous end of a short-tail with a succulent Dom on the friendly end—haha. ?
How does a writer manage her chakras being all whacky at the end of the year? Here are a few of my favorite things…
#10 A brisk walk. Nothing says get the hell out to stress like literally getting the hell out for a while. And this time of year the crisp air does a body good.
#9 Beat the crap out of a character or two…and for those that don’t beat the crap out of their characters like I do…well, at least burn their stupid romantic dinner and ruin if for them. Guaranteed to make you feel better. ?
#8 Bubble bath—one of my greatest indulgences and the place where many a character tells me their life story.
#7 Write Santa and tell him what you really want and why—then tell him he needs to lighten up you tried your best to be good and well, damn it, you did try. Then resort to begging if necessary. (By the way, I know there’s an Adam and Eve’s at the North Pole so he can’t deny you your requests)
#6 Clean the closets and cabinets and cupboards and really make the trash man’s day. ? For me this has been quite therapeutic—I’m moving in a few months, again! Coast to coast this time, so this not only serves to take my mind of the oh golly the year’s gone problem, it helps me defunk over moving again.
#5 Shop. Need I say more?
#4 Treat yourself to a mani/pedi and flirt with the cute guy rubbing your feet while you’re at it.
#3 Starbucks. Again, need I say more?
#2 Pull out the aromatherapy products and the nature sounds tracks on the old iPod. The mint/eucalyptus stuff is working already. ?
#1 When all else fails, try my favorite cocktail:
Royal Flush
1 1/2 oz Crown Royal® Canadian whisky
1 oz peach schnapps
1/2 oz Chambord® raspberry liqueur
1 oz cranberry juice

Borrowed from
While you’re having that luscious cocktail, consider this hot read to go with it. My latest release is Assumed Callling…


Assumed Calling, Book Five Identity Series, Lila Munro
BDSM/Erotic Romance
Rebel Ink Press

Like the beat of a primal drum whispering the rhythm of an ancient dance, the lifestyle calls…

At the seasoned age of fifty-six, Allen Bourke has resigned himself to the fact he’ll probably never find someone to top he can also love. While he’s had wives and lovers, none of them endured and he’s come to the conclusion the clock’s ticking and age is working against him. Then a very intriguing Nicki Cartwright pings on his radar at what Allen determines will be his last house party. He can’t help but notice while he and his friends are getting older, the players emerging on the scene are forever getting younger. Nicki’s no exception. Determined to resist the vibes humming between them, he only agrees to service her after his old friend, Kyle Montgomery, convinces him it’s entirely feasible. Then it’s brought to Allen’s attention who Nicki really is. Knowing their pasts are forever intertwined, as hard as he tries to ignore his heart, he finds himself yielding to the tides of fate.

Born to senatorial royalty, Nicki Cartwright has spent her entire life trying to shield her mother from her father’s wrath while drifting further and further into a world where panic is normal and anxiety is always on the edge of her reality. Tired of burning the candle at both ends and forever trying to live up to the picture of All-American perfection her father James Cartwright touts as his ace in the hole during election cycles, Nicki finds herself on the path of self-discovery in search of relief from the stressors continually swamping her mind. What she doesn’t expect is to find who she thought she was is truly just a shadow of the person she really is. And what scares her most is the fact Allen, the only person she thought she could trust, has been holding a secret since before she was born which could destroy her entire family.

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rubyswanDecember 15th, 2012 at 2:36 am



Shelley MunroDecember 15th, 2012 at 3:54 am

Love your stress beater list. I’ve been known to try a few of these things. I haven’t written to Santa for a few years. Maybe it’s time. It’s great to have a book featuring an older character.


Lila MunroDecember 15th, 2012 at 7:53 am

Thanks Savannah for hosting me today! Hi Ruby! Thanks for stopping in and so glad you see something that piques your interest. 😉 Hi Shelly! I love writing my older characters and never really thought much about it until so many readers wrote me and told me, “Yes, please, more!” 🙂 More are definitely on the way…


LindaDecember 15th, 2012 at 2:30 pm

Love this and can´t wait for my chance to read, =)
Happy Holidays!


LashaDecember 15th, 2012 at 4:54 pm

I may need a Royal Flush come next week! 🙂

Thank you for the hop.

Happy Holidays,

mslasha at gmail dot com


Brenda AndersonDecember 15th, 2012 at 6:53 pm

Nice post! I love the list and I’d love to settle down with the book and the cocktail. Both sound delicious.


Shannon G.December 15th, 2012 at 9:12 pm

Thanks for sharing this book with us today!


Ashley ADecember 15th, 2012 at 11:06 pm

Great Post 🙂


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